Hating on Hillary

I really should stop getting offended or annoyed by all the negative press that Hillary Clinton is getting for being the first female U.S. presidential candidate of a major political party ever, but it’s hard because I take gender discrimination very seriously. I honestly don’t even know where I get it from; no one in my family has ever vocally been for equal rights for the sexes. Maybe it’s because my mom was a hard-working woman who believed a woman needs to stand on her own and not depend on a man financially. Maybe that really is the root of my desire for gender equality, for feminism the word and concept to be embraced and not avoided or shunned or called taboo.

The latest hate that Hillary is getting that is driving me crazy is that because she contracted pneumonia last week that somehow, something must be wrong with her head and nerves, and how possibly could she be fit to be president of the most powerful country of the world if she hasn’t been psychologically evaluated? The stupidest thing about this accusation is that if any male presidential candidate got sick during his campaign, no one would ever jump to the senseless conclusion that if he’s physically ill and that took a while to get out as public knowledge, then maybe he’s sick in the head, too! This irrational thinking goes back to the age-old discrimination against women being in positions of power: they are too unstable, whether it’s emotionally or psychologically or hormonally… or maybe it’s all of the above?!

And to think that some people are so deluded to think that women are equal to men in today’s society. Total idiots.

Hipsters in Queens

I don’t understand why it’s the cool thing now to wear shirts that are sliding off one’s shoulder, or big geeky glasses with hyper-red colored hair. And I get even more weirded out when I go to a restaurant that is in Queens (Astoria specifically), and get served a gouda cheese, black bean hummus and guava jam sandwich that costs $10 by people who are dressed like this. If “hipsters” are really trying to rebel against mainstream culture, they would not be charging me $10 for a sandwich I could have made on my own for probably less than $1 and then challenging me to almost wait for a seat to sit down. What they are really doing by charging this much is saying, “I want to seem cool and different, but the reality is that I’m a capitalist and want to make just as much money as you Wall Street types (and my type… what IS my type? ‘Yuppie’ because I earn my own salary and don’t struggle to buy my next meal and actually do save money – in other words, an independent, responsible adult ) do.” Hipsters in Brooklyn, I will accept. Hipsters in Queens, the borough I used to call home – it’s a bit harder for me to swallow.

“Merry Christmas” thoughts

Christmas has been over for five days now, but I am obviously in withdrawal because I am still thinking about it and lamenting its end. I have one thought that I haven’t shared yet, so I ¬†figured it would be a good idea to post it before the month of December has ended.

Being in the super politically correct land that is New York City, I have rarely been told “merry Christmas!” in a public environment. At work, whether it’s on the phone, in person, or via e-mail, everyone will always write “Happy Holidays!” On office gifts that past vendors have sent me, the same “Happy Holidays!” greeting is on it. Even my own freaking friends, on CHRISTMAS cards they send and give me, write “Happy Holidays!” as the first message after “Dear Yvonne.” When I have said “Merry Christmas” to past colleagues and to friends who I know for a fact celebrate Christmas, they have almost always responded “happy holidays to you, too!” Is this really necessary when you and I both know that you and I celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a national holiday in the United States of America. You don’t need to be Christian to celebrate Christmas; I believe in God, but I don’t consider myself Christian or label myself with any other religious affiliation, but I love Christmas, and most of the people I know who love and celebrate Christmas are not Christian; a lot of them are Jews! And everyone who actually is really Christian knows that 1) Jesus was not actually born on the 25th of December and 2) Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and Christmas lights and ornaments have absolutely nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. We could all learn a thing or two from Australia, where during the month of December, you see “Merry Christmas” written all over the Town Hall and major street stations, and where you can say “Merry Christmas” freely to anyone and everyone and know that they will happily respond “Merry Christmas” back and not be offended.

The term “happy holidays” is dead to me. I will only say it at work to clients if I absolutely have to, but I am more looking forward to saying “happy new year” when I go back, because for now, at least as far as I know, that doesn’t seem to offend anyone… yet.