Hipsters in Queens

I don’t understand why it’s the cool thing now to wear shirts that are sliding off one’s shoulder, or big geeky glasses with hyper-red colored hair. And I get even more weirded out when I go to a restaurant that is in Queens (Astoria specifically), and get served a gouda cheese, black bean hummus and guava jam sandwich that costs $10 by people who are dressed like this. If “hipsters” are really trying to rebel against mainstream culture, they would not be charging me $10 for a sandwich I could have made on my own for probably less than $1 and then challenging me to almost wait for a seat to sit down. What they are really doing by charging this much is saying, “I want to seem cool and different, but the reality is that I’m a capitalist and want to make just as much money as you Wall Street types (and my type… what IS my type? ‘Yuppie’ because I earn my own salary and don’t struggle to buy my next meal and actually do save money – in other words, an independent, responsible adult ) do.” Hipsters in Brooklyn, I will accept. Hipsters in Queens, the borough I used to call home – it’s a bit harder for me to swallow.

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