Poughkeepsie getaway

Since we didn’t plan an Independence Day weekend trip, we decided to take a long weekend the weekend before the 4th of July this weekend to the Poughkeepsie/Hudson River Valley area. This area is just about 1.5 hours outside of New York, yet it really does feel like an entire world away. Everyone drives. You can access hiking trails and wineries easily. The air is actually fresh air.

This will also be Kaia’s second trip away from home, and yet another crib/bed that is not her own that she will sleep in. So far today, she seemed like a really good little traveler yet again, sleeping almost the entire way in the car and happy and babbling a lot while at the winery we visited. So far, we’ve gotten really lucky with her adapting to new places and sleeping arrangements.

After having spent about half a day here, I totally get why people do weekend getaways to Poughkeepsie or Beacon. It’s so close to the city and even accessible via train. It feels very quaint and nature-y. It feels good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city every now and then and do things at a slower pace. Then again, I guess once you have a baby, you have to go slower no matter how efficient you want to be.

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