When grandparents are the primary caretakers

This week, since our nanny is away in Jamaica for the next two weeks, we have Chris’s parents watching and caring for Kaia during the day while Chris and I work. Since I work from home, I can still help with things like diaper changes and bottle cleaning, so they are primarily responsible for taking her outside (they took her to the play gym yesterday), feeding, and entertaining her. She seems to have adapted to them well; she even likes keeping them company on the bed after she has completely worn them out while they take little naps there. It’s pretty hilarious to watch.

And for the first time yesterday, Chris’s dad actually bottle fed a baby — our baby. According to Chris’s mother, their dad had never even bottle fed either Chris or his brother even once when they were babies, so this was the very first time he’d done a baby feeding. Granted, Chris’s mom burped Kaia, but this was still kind of a big deal. I texted Chris’s brother to let him know, and he was incredulous. “That would be a first!” he exclaimed in response. In fact, Chris’s parents were arguing over who was going to feed Kaia next at her upcoming feed! It was both cute and hilarious to witness.

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