Pumping milk at a winery

Today, I brought my Baby Buddha breast pump connected with my Legendairy Milk cups while on the car ride and at the winery we visited. I always get a little self conscious wearing my milk cups out in public because they are huge; they make me look like I have D+ cup breasts, but hey, when you have to pump, you have to pump. So I pumped while there, having some hard cider, cheese, and crackers, and wondered if anyone noticed the sound of my pump or the fact that I looked a little disproportional. I’m sure no one noticed or cared, especially given we were outside enjoying the nice fresh air with our ciders.

I took a photo of myself with my D+ milk cups on and sent to my friend, and she said how hilarious and huge my breasts looked. “At least they give you the ability to be in public and pump!” she said in response. The convenience of these new pumping technologies actually makes us pumping mamas feel like we can really have a life outside of pumping milk for our babies. Even though the output still isn’t the same as my Spectra, I’ll take what I can get if it means I can be more mobile temporarily.

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