When your Zipcar doesn’t turn on during a trip

For this quick weekend trip, Chris decided to get a Toyota Sienna for us given the baby, her car seat, stroller, and luggage for all five of us. It gives all of us more room to be comfortable while in the car, as well as ample space for luggage and baby stuff. The Sienna rode pretty well and was very comfortable. We didn’t have any qualms with the vehicle… until we finished our last stop before heading home at Costco. Chris tried turning the car on, and it failed to turn on. After a long time waiting on hold for a Zipcar representative, multiple reps spoke to Chris to try to troubleshoot, yet nothing worked. It seemed to be a security issue that no one at Zipcar could figure out. The final resolution ended up being that we had to leave the vehicle in the Costco parking lot, empty out the van, and get two Uber rides back into the city to accommodate all five of us, our luggage, plus our big grocery haul. Needless to say, it was quite an unexpected adventure at the end of our Poughkeepsie/Beacon trip.

It was also an unexpected adventure for my breasts, too. I was planning to skip my 11am pump and pump when we got back to the apartment, which would have been around 4pm. That never ended up happening since we didn’t get back home until around 5, and I didn’t start pumping until 5:45pm since we needed to unload and organize everything we bought. So when I went to take off my regular bra and put on my pumping bra and hand express, it was really awkward: for the first time, my breasts were so full of milk that my nipples were nearly inverted. Milk was already leaking out. It felt awkward just sticking my nipples into the flanges! I also pumped a record amount at one time: over 315ml.

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