Swim diapers and their purpose

When you have a baby and you’d like to get her in the pool and ocean, you likely are debating what kind of swim diaper to have for her. There are two main types of swim diapers: single use, disposable, and reusable cloth ones that you just wash after each use. Contrary to what some may assume, swim diapers do NOT soak up or hold urine; if a baby pees while in a pool, the urine basically just gets into the water. A swim diaper’s main purpose is to hold poop. But, if you do recognize that your baby has pooped while in a swim diaper in the pool, it would be best practice for you to take your baby out IMMEDIATELY and get her cleaned up and changed. No one wants to know they are swimming in a pool with baby poop somewhere. Be nice to your fellow swimmers/pool attendees.

We’ve been getting Kaia acquainted with the pool and ocean water for about the last year. She’s mainly been in our building’s pool, but we’ve also had her go to the beach with us and pools at hotels where we’ve stayed during our trips. We thought we had been clear this whole time, never experiencing her pooping in a pool before… until I got her ready for her bath tonight after some pool time at the resort pool, and when I pulled down her diaper to put her into the bath, a big ball of brown poop plopped out.

Welp, I guess our streak of no poop in the pool has officially ended!

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