Isla Mujeres and riding on a golf buggy

Today, we took a day trip to Isla Mujeres, which is about 13 kilometers from Cancun. It’s a popular destination for locals for day trips, as well as Mexican and international tourists as a place to stay overnight or on vacation given the tranquil, clear waters and the fun island vibe. The island is small, but too big to walk all around it, so we rented a golf buggy to tour the island for the day. I wasn’t totally sure how we would get around when we got there. Chris left us at the ferry station to go find the best deal on a golf buggy, and when he returned, he pulled up in one.

The last time I was on a golf buggy was in 2017, when we were in Hamilton Island for Chris’s cousin’s wedding. Then, I didn’t have to worry about a baby or a stroller, as it was just the two of us. With Kaia, being on a golf buggy would definitely be a bit different. We had left the baby carrier to strap on me in the car back at the ferry station parking lot, so I knew I’d have to hold her tightly while on the golf buggy. In the beginning, she whined a bit being held down, but when she realized we were moving and going up and down bumps, she calmed down and started to enjoy the ride. All I have to say is: it’s a good thing she’s 1.5 years old and more sturdy now. I’m not totally sure how I would have felt if we had done a trip like this a year ago without the baby carrier to strap her into!

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