The cold is coming

This past Monday morning, the nanny showed up at 8am, dressed like a snowman. I’m not exaggerating: it was high 50s that morning, and she showed up in waterproof, lined winter boots, a puffy goose down jacket, and a thick hat. I laughed when I saw her and asked if she was preparing for a blizzard.

“I’m Jamaican!” she exclaimed, half laughing, half indignant. “I do not DO cold! I will wear 10 layers to avoid being cold!”

As someone who hates the cold, I don’t blame her. Every time autumn rolls around and we enter September, I always feel a little annoyed as the temperature noticeably cools down. The first morning when I wake up and feel like I need to immediately put on a sweater — that’s when I know it. Winter is around the corner. And I’ll be in hell.

That was also Monday morning when I had to throw on a zipped hoodie. No more jumping out of bed to do my thing without having another layer on! It also means that with my pumping, I can’t just pump wearing any old shirt anymore, as it means my stomach will be exposed and be cold. So I’ve started wearing my pumping/nursing tanks again to keep myself covered in the midriff. It’s definitely one downside of pumping in cold weather, even when you do pump indoors. You still want to be warm and comfy and not exposed. And you have to think about layers when it gets colder… even indoors.

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