Love of autumn squash is not shared

Although I dread autumn arriving every year, mostly because I know that means that cold, miserable winter is around the corner, I do look forward to the autumn and winter squash. I’ve never really been a fan of summer squash; I am lukewarm to zucchini and think yellow summer squash is totally overrated. However, Kaia was obsessed with zucchini and yellow squash. She could easy have an entire plate of both if we gave them to her. I thought maybe it could mean she’d also embrace autumn squash… but we haven’t quite been as aligned on this.

I bought a bunch of butternut squash, kabocha, and honeynut squash and lined them all up at our window sill by the dining table. I steamed some butternut and roasted butternut and kabocha and set a good portion aside for Kaia. Kaia liked the butternut when roasted (it’s definitely sweeter and nuttier this way), but avoided it when it was steamed. And the kabocha? Well… she ate a few bites of it when she was observing me eat it, but after I stopped eating it, she wouldn’t eat anymore. And unfortunately, I cannot mandate that our nanny eat the food while feeding Kaia.. because that seems a little mean and overly demanding.

Well, I guess she can’t like everything. But hey, I’m not giving up yet… She has to have this repeatedly before we can conclude she doesn’t like the kabocha. I love kabocha so much – ugh!

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