Hot and sour soup

While I have been documenting all the raw ingredients and spices that Kaia has been exposed to, I’ve now created a new list of “dishes” she’s eaten, so things like… sesame noodles, peanut noodles, moong dal, black bean soup, etc. The latest soup she has eaten is my homemade and very chunky hot and sour soup, and it was the very first time she had finished something… and cried for more, as though furious that she was only given what she was given to eat. It was almost indignant – the look on her face and the way she yelled out. She happily had multiple spoonfuls of the soup I offered her, eagerly looking at me for more spoons full. And when she was done, she actually started yelling and trying to hold out to reach the bowl that the soup was in! I gave her a couple more spoonfuls. She finished, then yelled for even more, again!! Good thing I had set aside more of the soup that was unsalted, otherwise my demanding baby would have been very angry with me!

It was the first time she’d ever been upset at finishing something I’d given her to eat, solids-wise. The older she gets, the more opinionated she will get about what she eats, so this is the first taste I’ve had of her opinions. I’m just happy she’s embraced food this much so far.. and food that has had strong, bold flavors. I can only hope this will continue and she will be a true tiny foodie.

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