Almondine Bakery – almond croissant

During our Dumbo food exploration yesterday, one spot we visited that I’d been wanting to come to for a long time was Almondine Bakery. Obviously, if you go to a bakery that has “almond” in the name, you should definitely order their almond goods, so we got one almond croissant to share (likely the most expensive croissant I’ve ever purchased in my LIFE) and one hot Varlhona chocolate.

This was likely the most decadent and almond-filled almond croissant I’d ever tasted. It was super crunchy on the top, a little flaky, and it just EXPLODED with pureed almond filling. I could not believe how much almond filling was inside. Oftentimes, I am wary of almond croissants because places will literally just sprinkle some sliced almonds on the top and call it a day, but NOT here. Here, I could perhaps argue that there was more almond filling than there was buttery and flaky croissant outside! Because of how much filling it had, the croissant did not shatter on contact with my teeth the way a non-filled croissant would, but I’m happy to take the almond filling and give away some of the flakiness. That was a truly epic croissant experience, and I’m not sure it can be topped.

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