Manhattan Bridge

This afternoon, we explored the Dumbo area of Brooklyn before walking across the Manhattan Bridge to Chinatown for our monthly massage, food pickup, and grocery shopping. While walking across the bridge, it suddenly dawned on me that although I cannot count the times I’ve walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, this was actually my first time walking across the Manhattan Bridge. And well, it’s easy to understand that: the Manhattan Bridge is extremely loud not just because of the car traffic, but also due to the subway trains that are running across it alongside the walking and biking lanes. So, it’s not the most leisurely walk, but hey, when you need to get from point A to B and want to walk it out, this is the way to go. It definitely gave a different perspective of Brooklyn and Manhattan. And while walking across, we noticed a baseball field where someone had scrawled the word “HOPE” in capital letters across it. Hope. Well, we need some more of that now. Hope for the end of this pandemic; hope for the end of police brutality against Black lives. Hope for the end of anti-Asian racism. Hope for the end of racism period.

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