When you over water your rice

When cooking brown rice, I always soak it for at least a few hours after rinsing, then I cook it in the rice cooker with a ratio of 2 parts water to one part rice. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I did this, but I was multitasking when I was measuring the water out for the rice, and I somehow added too much water to the rice cooker. So when the rice had finished cooking, it was way, way too soft! I thought that if I dried it out in the fridge overnight that it would help, but the next day, it was still too soft. I did not find it that pleasant to eat, so I decided to make… a mushy fried rice out of it. I figured that if I added cha siu, eggs, seasonings, and scallions to my mushy rice, it would at least be tasty mushy rice. And so, that’s how you save food – add other tasty food to it.

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