Matcha #asmr

After the most recent Amazon Prime Day, I am now the proud owner yet again of some delicious matcha powder. A brand I was following had a special for Prime Day, and since matcha is quite expensive, I didn’t buy it for a while. I also didn’t want to be too much of a glutton since I’d purchased so much tea while in China last summer, and I recently started depleting all the everyday tea I bought there (except for the Zhe Ye Qing high end tea, which I’m still getting through and spacing out).

But I had almost forgotten how much I love preparing matcha. The last time I had matcha at home, my dad had bought me a bag of ceremonial grade matcha, and to properly make it, you really need to whisk it well. I even got a bamboo matcha whisk specifically for this purpose. I whisked about a teaspoon of the matcha in about 3 tablespoons of hot water, then added foamed Oatly to my cup to make a homemade hot matcha latte. It was creamy, smooth, with just a hint of bitter. There’s something about the sound and feeling of whisking matcha that I find so soothing and fun. It’s definitely a good use case for #asmr (autonomous sensory meridian response). There are ENTIRE accounts on Instagram and TikTok JUST around the #asmr from simple, everyday things such as whisking, pouring liquid into a glass, to ice cubes falling into a cup!

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