gluten-free spinach fettuccine

Because the world is suddenly so interested in becoming gluten free, or just gluten-free tolerant, I decided to try a gluten-free fresh spinach pasta that was on sale at Whole Foods. It’s mainly brown rice, tapioca starch with some spinach powder for the green color, but I thought I’d try it out just for the sake of it. I tossed it today with some homemade tomato sauce, ground wagyu beef, and some grated parmiggiano reggiano, and while it all tasted good together… the noodles, for me, did not have a very strong or distinctive flavor. Chris said he found the pasta overpowering, but I thought it was the opposite. It was like eating pasta for the sake of eating pasta, as opposed to enjoying the pasta.

I only occasionally buy dried pasta now except for specific brands, as I’d prefer to reserve my pasta experiences for fresh pasta since I love it so much, so knowing that I got this fresh pasta and it was pretty much a disappointment felt sad. I think I’m gonna stick with the fresh wheat pasta from here on out.

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