Sundae Service NYC

Since getting more and more immersed in the foodie community of YouTube and Instagram, one fun thing I’ve been doing is learning more about small, locally owned businesses in New York City. Most of the ones I’ve learned about are so small that they’re still operating out of their home kitchens, including two Asian-American owned ice cream businesses in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The one that I just got a delivery from was Sundae Service NYC, which delivers pints of ice cream every Sunday across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. They are two Asian American sisters who churn out pints of ice cream in a small selection of flavors ranging from Vietnamese coffee to coconut pandan sorbet (vegan!) to earl grey strawberry cheesecake. I got all three of these flavors, along with black sesame ginger, and had been waiting to order from them for a while (I was trying to eat the rest of our ice cream and also clear out our freezer of all the stuff I’ve been over stocking up on). We tried all of them after they were delivered yesterday, and I was blown away by all four of them; all of them have very strong, assertive flavors, and the flavor combinations are just so complementary. With the earl grey strawberry cheesecake, what I loved most about it was not only the earl grey tea base, but the fact that the cheesecake chunks were small — just enough so you could taste the cheese, but not too much so that it would overpower the earl grey or the fresh strawberry chunks.

This may be dangerous knowing they exist and can so easily deliver without a delivery fee if you get at least two pints because I’m pretty obsessed with them now.

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