Virtual birthday party for kids

Today was my cousin’s son’s 8th birthday, and they “threw” him a virtual birthday party with his family and friends from his school, hosted by a party planning company called So Fun City. I will admit: I wasn’t sure what to expect of this given that kids’ birthday parties are already awkward to me when adults come (WHY IS THIS A THING??? WHY? ONLY KIDS SHOULD BE ATTENDING KIDS’ BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!!!), but I decided to join the Zoom anyway just to see my little nephew and participate.

Well, it was just as awkward and boring as I thought it would be. The kids were attempting to do activities “together,” but some were tuned out, some were participating because it was clear their parents forced them to, and some were just doing their own thing completely. Two of my other cousins were dialed in along with me, so we just started texting on the side to comment on what was going on.

Virtual birthday parties should NOT be happening for kids. Who could possibly enjoy this???

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