Sunday cooking videos

Well, now that I’ve got this new job, I can’t slack off and cook during the weekdays anymore. Yep, I said it: when I was at my last job, pretty much since the pandemic began, I probably spend a good chunk of my work day working… on cooking and filming videos. Not like it really mattered since I knew that the company wasn’t going anywhere and that I’d still perform better than most of my colleagues on half the number of hours actually at my computer, but hey, who cares now?

What this means, though, is that now that I actually am working at a company that I care about, and I have to limit the time I spend doing any real cooking and filming to Sundays. Saturdays are the days we go out and explore a new neighborhood, while Sundays are the day when I can record and cook food for the videos and for the week. Today, I made and filmed videos for Tom Yum Soup and Vietnamese egg meatloaf. It was a tiring day, but at least I know that I not only have content to work with, but I also have delicious food for the week.

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