Alcohol during the pandemic

While it’s been hard for pretty much every brick and mortar business, especially restaurants and bars, during the pandemic, the good news seems to be that liquor stores have been doing quite well. COVID-19 has given birth to a sales boom for alcohol retailers since consumers are not able to visit bars and restaurants to imbibe as often and as much as they’d like. Consumers have also been looking to stock up on their alcohol supply, and well, our household is included in that.

Now before you judge, Chris and I absolutely are nowhere near being alcoholics. On average, I probably have somewhere between 3-4 drinks total per week. Chris drinks likely about double what I drink (I think?). As we’ve gotten older, and really since the beginning of our relationship, we’ve always prioritized quality of alcohol over quantity, so I’d rather spend more on a well made cocktail or a really good bottle of wine and have less of it, rather than spend less on loads of crappy alcohol that will likely give me a bad hangover the next day.

But yes, Chris has taken charge of the alcohol deliveries. It’s been one of the few things he’s looked forward to during the pandemic — when we get a call that our alcohol delivery has arrived, and the delivery person brings it up. But what he looks forward to the most, no doubt, is when his Australian chocolate and biscuits orders have been shipped from Australia. As someone who “shows emotion on the inside,” as he likes to say, he is outwardly enthusiastic when this box has arrived twice since quarantine.

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