Vitamin B12 and D

In New York City, as I’ve been told, having a vitamin D deficiency is pretty common. Since vitamin D is taken in by the body through a combination of milk/dairy products, leafy greens, and the sun (primarily), in a concrete jungle, citizens spend a tiny percentage of their time outdoors. So when I get my annual physical results back, twice I’ve seen “borderline vitamin D deficient” on the list, and the doctor advises me to take a vitamin D supplement… which I’ve been taking… on and off to be honest because I am lazy. Then, the other vitamin that has been slightly low is vitamin B12. B12 is not really present in plants; humans consume this usually through meat, eggs, and fish; fish is especially high in this.

This time around, I already knew that I would not be vitamin B12 deficient. We’ve been eating more fish this year, especially since I usually put sardines on our avocado toast about once a week. Sardines are the best and most sustainable fish since they’re low on the food chain and thus have little to no mercury risk, and they’re just so good. Chris has become addicted to them and expresses a little disappointment when some time has passed, and I haven’t made the avo toast with sardines. That’s how good these things are.

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