Apple Cider Yeast Donuts

The next video that I am working on is for apple cider yeast donuts. I’d honestly liked the idea of apple cider donuts for as long as I’ve lived in the Northeast, but in reality, most of the donuts seemed a bit too dense and oily for me. I kept trying different ones, whether they were from colleagues or at farmers’ markets, and still, they were just okay — not anywhere near what I thought would be my favorite, ideal donut.

Then, I had the ones at Terhune Orchards in Jersey during our day trip there in August, and I was blown away. These were light, fluffy, slightly sweet, with not even a hint of greasiness. These were the apple cider donuts I had missed out on for so long.

So today, I decided to make the Serious Eats recipe for apple cider donuts — they are yeast-raised and shallow-fried in coconut oil, which is supposed to keep the donuts light and prevent that “greasy fried food smell or taste” from lingering. I’d never made donuts before, so this was my very first time. And these donuts delivered: they were perfect (well, other than the shape of some) in flavor and lightness, and they turned out even better and fluffier the next day, with the flavor becoming even more pronounced! These are a donut lover’s DREAM!

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