All food of the world is fusion

Yesterday, we spent the day wandering through Brooklyn, and our last spot we stopped at before meeting with our friends for a birthday event was A&A Bake & Doubles Shop in Bed-Stuy. It’s a Trinidadian shop that a husband-and-wife team from Trinidad opened back in 2002 and is known for their delicious doubles, roti, goat and other meat stews. We didn’t have much room in our stomachs after our mini-food crawl, so we ended up just getting a potato roti and a double. This shop is so famous and respected that it even won a James Beard award as one of “America’s Classics.”

I think that this is pretty symbolic that a Trinidadian restaurant would win an “American classic” award for food. It shows what this country was meant to be — a country of immigrants built by immigrants and fed by immigrants (well, minus the Native Americans, but we won’t get into that here). What made me sad after learning this, though, is that I’m sure many Trump-supporting, anti-immigrant Americans would not agree with a business like this getting this award. We are a country divided, and I really do not see the end of that or a potential mending anytime soon.

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