bringing out the worst in all of us

Our office manager has let the cleaning staff know that she wants them to do extra cleaning and sanitizing of all surface areas, even the couches that are normally not cleaned. A lot of people in our office are uneasy about COVID-19, and the media is certainly not helping with the building hysteria.

She’s ordered additional hand sanitizer bottles and Chlorox surface wipes for the office, as well. And yet, somehow, in the last few days, when she’s placed about 10 bottles of brand new hand sanitizer bottles, obviously for office use, she looked at the shelf today and noticed only three were left. Where have they all gone?

People are actually stealing them. These are well paid, white-collar professionals with all the best tech startup perks in the world… stealing office supplies that are meant for office use. This is completely ridiculous and embarrassing, and I’d love to call out the people who actually stole those bottles.

Then, I have my cousin texting me, telling me that a white woman on the train randomly started staring him down and swearing at him nonstop before running off the train. “Because of your people, we’re all going to die, you asshole!”

When a virus is spreading, so does hate, racism, and xenophobia. All political correctness dissipates and instead, is replaced with the true subconscious hate that people harbor in the backs of their minds. Plus, the desire to hoard and distrust everyone in existence, especially those who look like those at the epicenter of the virus.

I haven’t experienced any racial slurs as a result of this, but I am bracing myself for the moment when I do.

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