Exposure to COVID-19

Effective tomorrow at our company, all employees who are customer facing (that includes me) are required to work from home. We learned today that one of our Austin-based colleagues was exposed to someone who had recently returned from a Level 3 country (according to the CDC), and so this employee will be quarantined and working from home for the next two weeks. The Austin office will be closed for the next two weeks, as well.

The idea behind this is to preserve all Go-To-Market employees from any germs we could potentially pick up while commuting, whether that’s on the subway, on buses, or even in shared rides or on the street. I realize that they are doing this to be extra cautious, but part of me is wondering if we are going too over the top with this. On the other hand, I have heard other employees complain that the company is not doing enough to take care of employees and our health. Another person suggested we just halt all business operations until the end of the month. Ummmm…. NO? How could you even think of that?

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