Pandemonium at Whole Foods

I stopped by Whole Foods after work today since a few things were on sale that I wanted, and was a little shocked to pass through the dried pasta and canned goods aisle to see that almost the entire shelves were wiped clean. There were a handful of canned beans or tomatoes left, but for the most part, the shelves were empty. Whole Foods workers were diligently in the midst of restocking these shelves, but as they did this, more people came to take anywhere from 10 to 20+ packs of pasta or beans and fill their carts.

I realized that mass hysteria has descended upon society with COVID-19 being a concern, but I stupidly didn’t think that this would affect my local Whole Foods that much. I went to the fresh seafood counter to pick up some shrimp on sale, and it was a bit comical to see how idle the seafood workers were. They were more than thrilled to hear I wanted to buy something from them and could actually use their services! It was clear no one wanted to buy fresh seafood, and everyone just wanted things that were non-perishable that they could store up in their pantries.

As I passed through the aisles, I noticed how inexpensive the canned organic beans were. The cans were BPA-free, too. So… I thought I’d toss in a couple cans myself… because why not? Granted, I’m not even close to freaking out about this or thinking we will all need to go into seclusion, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to have a few more of these in our pantry.

Regardless, I will NOT be one of those people who spends $50 for a desktop-sized hand sanitizer bottle. This disease spread has really only shown how crazed and racist people can be in these times.

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