Indian groceries delivered

Every couple of months, Chris and I do a trip out to Jackson Heights in Queens for our dosa fix, as well as Indian groceries ranging from his favorite banana chips and mixture to my pantry staples of different pulses, beans, spices, curry leaves, and frozen Asian goods. When we went to Patel Brothers on Saturday with my friend to introduce her to several of our favorite ethnic neighborhoods in Queens, we found out that they are actually doing a pretty economical delivery service and will deliver to our zip code in Manhattan. The delivery charge is only $3, and it’s a $35 minimum (before tip). Depending on the item, some of the items are the same price as in store, while others are a little bit more.

I took a look at some of the potential things we could buy. Dosa batter mix (refrigerated). Curry leaves (fresh). Ghee. Endless types of legumes. Frozen grated coconut. Frozen vegetables, pre-cut up. Fresh tomatoes, onions, and even okra. Wow. This is actually very impressive. It was almost like having FreshDirect, but even better because of all these amazing South Asian goods we could buy, plus the delivery fee was so much less.

This could end up becoming dangerous, but I will try this out to see how it is.

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