When your $13 avocado toast is literally just one piece of bread

When I come to Miami for work, there are usually two things I always like to get: 1) Cuban food, and 2) food from Pura Vida, which is a healthy all-day cafe that does really delicious juices, smoothies, and well-rounded, large grain bowls that vary from vegan options to salmon with endless varieties of vegetables so that you know you are pretty much enjoying a rainbow in a bowl. I come to Pura Vida at least once every work trip, and the food has always been reliable. They have an all-day breakfast menu, and I’d never ordered from it before and decided to order the smoked salmon avocado toast from there today.

That was a bit disappointing because when they brought the plate out to me, it was literally one slice of toast with avocado and smoked salmon… for $13? Usually when places say that they will give you “toast,” it means two slices of bread. Here, it was… one? Granted, that one slice was thick, toasted, and was delicious, but it just looked so sad and lonely on my plate. They sprinkled the top of the mashed avocado with black and white toasted sesame seeds. I had two large slices of smoked salmon. And that was it. This would need to tide me over. until dinner time, and other than the banana I ate for breakfast, this is all I would have eaten today.

The other thing that irked me was that you have the option to pay $3 for two soft boiled/poached eggs. If that’s the case, there needs to be one egg per slice of toast. You absolutely cannot serve two eggs with ONE PIECE OF TOAST. That is so cheap!!!

I’m never ordering from their breakfast menu ever again.

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