When you think you “miss seasons” but you really don’t

I took some customers out for lunch today, and they were lamenting to me that even though they love the weather in Miami at this time of year given that it’s always warm and sunny (when the rest of the East Coast is freezing and enduring snow), they actually miss the seasons and seeing things like autumn colors changing and having a real spring. “Snow around Christmas time is so pretty!” Yet, in the same breath, they also shared that they only go see their parents or other relatives for a few days around Christmas or New Year’s out of obligation, but they would hibernate at home, refusing to go outside to deal with the cold. “It’s just so depressing at this time of year up there!” One of them exclaimed.

So, in other words, you say you miss having all four seasons, but the reality is that you actually do not. Plus, you never want to move to a place that had snow ever again. And, you never want to leave Miami ever again unless it’s for a sunny-all-year-round city. Interesting.

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