Delayed 3.5 hours

After coming back from JFK yesterday afternoon, I had to head back to the airport, this time LGA, for my work flight down to Miami this afternoon. I wasn’t so sure that my flight would even take off given I could actually see snow falling late morning, yet my flight status still said on time. So I headed to the airport to see hour after hour of delayed messages for my flight. It got me worried, especially since when I checked with the airline, they told me that every flight out to Miami for tomorrow was already fully sold out, so if all the flights today were to get cancelled, the earliest they could get me out was Wednesday evening. I had a Tuesday afternoon meeting scheduled that I couldn’t miss.

Eventually, we finally took off 3.5 hours later, so it could have been a lot worse. But it made me feel even more annoyed given that if they had just been open with us about the situation, I could have spent far less time agonizing this at the airport, where everyone was antsy and nervous, and instead been in the comfort of my own home. But, not like the airlines care.

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