Autumn chill

The chill is really setting in today. Winter is around the corner, and autumn is steadily warning us about this with the temperatures that continue to creep down on us, along with what felt like a very sudden change in the colors of the leaves today. Even along our street, I noticed that all the leaves had changed colors, ranging from burnt orange to greenish-yellow. Autumn sweeps over the city and it feels as though yesterday was never summer.

I also felt the impending dread of Daylight Savings Time ending. I hate the darkness at 4pm each day when I’m at the office and all the street lights are already on. I hate not being able to see light outside my window at a time that is supposed to be late afternoon. I just want warmth and light. I had that in Florida the last two days, probably more of it than I’d wanted given how humid and muggy it was, but it felt so much better than today in New York.

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