Work travel salads

The default food I end up eating on work trips is salads: they tend to be relatively healthy, not too expensive, and they don’t make a mess. They also don’t take too much time to eat. When I’m in Boston or other major cities, I usually look for a Sweetgreen because I know what to expect, and I know that the ingredients will always be fresh. When I’m in cities I am less familiar like Orlando, I will just default to a nearby salad spot or the hotel restaurant. Today, I had a grilled shrimp pumpkin seed salad for lunch, and it was massive and filling.

Work travel can invite the temptation to eat poorly, to eat less fresh fruits and vegetables, and to eat quick fast food that is usually greasy, fried, and just bad for you. Salads can help balance this out (assuming you don’t pick a salad with fried chicken or “popcorn shrimp”).

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