Chris’s Halloween “tradition”

Chris and I have stopped dressing up, but given that we have Halloween trick-or-treat sign ups, we have participated in this every year where we allow trick-or-treaters to ring our doorbell to ask for candy from us. This has become a tradition since moving into this building. The other tradition that Chris personally has is that of the assorted candy bag we buy, whether it’s from Costco or Target, he will pre-pick out all his favorites (Kit Kats, usually, or peanut M&Ms) and set them aside… for himself. It’s as though they never existed for the children. And what do the children know — they have no idea what our assortment was like!

I’m not fully in favor of this approach, but I figure that if there are only seven or eight Kit Kats in an entire 15-pound bag of candy, then it’s not the end of the world. We’re not really being selfish. And this year, we actually received far more trick-or-treaters than we normally get, so it was even more fun to see all the little kids dress up (even grown adults trying to get free candy).

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