More departures

Our company is pretty focused on going public. As a result of that, all focus is on selling, selling, and more selling. And when that is the focus, what tends to happen is that culture tends to decline. As culture declines, people start leaving in droves. That can be a good and a bad thing. It’s good for the people who you don’t like because it means you don’t have to deal with them anymore. It’s bad when it comes to people who were genuinely amazing to work with, who you believe had high integrity and were just all-around great colleagues.

Another colleague on my team announced that he was resigning today. I’m not surprised, as I expected he would have left sooner if he had gotten the “right” offer. I honestly could care less that he’s leaving because as sad as it sounds, he ended up being one of the biggest disappointments I’d ever worked with. He was really smart and eager in the beginning, easy to get along with when he first started. When something didn’t go his way internally just a few months into being here (which had nothing to do with any of his peers, which includes me), he decided, pretty much overnight, to completely disengage with all of us. This meant not eating lunch with us, not speaking with us to our faces and only sending us messages over Slack, not joining any meetings in person in our conference rooms and instead “joining” by dialing in at his desk, and when approached in person, fully refusing to make eye contact and only looking down at his computer or phone. It was one of the pettiest, most immature treatments I’d ever encountered.

Good luck to him. It’s unfortunate to meet people who believe that the world should revolve around them, and that when things do not go their way that they should take it out on completely innocent people around them which had zero to do with the problem. The sense of entitlement is truly stunning to me.

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