Pumpkin spice galore

I popped into Trader Joe’s today to see if they had the German grapefruit beer from Schofferhofer that Chris and I like, but unfortunately, it looks like the entire beer shelf was cleared out in favor of all things “autumn ale” and “pumpkin ale” related. Even a lot of the regular beers they typically carry were no longer there except for a small handful.

I’ve tried to give a few different pumpkin ale beers a chance quite a number of times, and I really just do not understand them. They may have pumpkin in them, but you’d really be stretching it or lying if you told me that you could immediately get that flavor out of a sip of that. The pumpkin spiced-everything is definitely on overdrive once autumn rolls around, but the pumpkin ale bandwagon is just pointless to me.

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