First day

Over 3.5 years ago, I started a new job at a social media SaaS company. That day was about 2.5 weeks after my brother died, so I wasn’t feeling the greatest. That day was also pretty terrible because it was obvious I was not wanted.

Why would I say this? Well, let’s see. Only a handful of people knew I was starting, including HR, and when I walked in at the 10am time I was asked to come in, the two guys sitting around me both exchanged a very obvious and not subtle in any way, “Who the hell is this girl?” look as I sat down and got settled in with my computer. Two women from HR took me to lunch because they felt sorry no one on my “team” (I had no one on my team other than my then-boss, who was supposedly busy, as I was the first person hired to be on this new team) was taking me out. No one introduced me to anyone. Maybe one or two people came to introduce themselves to me. Other than that, I was pretty much ignored. I came in late and left at around 5. It was a pretty boring and uneventful first day. I should have known that day that this was going to be a really crappy ride, but I stuck to my guns and rode it out.

Today, I’ve started a new job, one with a company that I can actually say I am proud to be a part of. Before I even began, a welcome email was sent to all relevant teams announcing that I would be joining. I got a massive influx of email to my personal email address to welcome me, over a dozen LinkedIn connection requests, and many schedules detailing my daily events of what to expect. When I arrived today, a number of people came up to introduce themselves, saying they were greatly anticipating my arrival, and the folks who interviewed me bear-hugged me nearly to death. Several people sat down to have lunch with me, and we chatted about random things from CrossFit to slowing metabolisms to genetics to chocolate and cookies.

It is so basic, but it feels really good to feel wanted.

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