The search continues

The apartment or apartment building search continues. We wandered around the Upper West Side this afternoon to see what we could potentially find and explore. When you talk to different doormen around the city, you realize exactly how insane different buildings can be. Here’s a sampling of some of the things we were told:

  • This building is a co-op building, and the rules are such that if you buy a unit here, you have to live in it. If you do not live in it, you’re allowed to rent it out only up to one year.
  • We have a swimming pool, but only you and your husband may use it. No guests allowed. And no pool parties.
  • Each of you will have to pay an annual gym membership of $1500 (!!!!!!!!). (THIS IS ON TOP OF YOUR RIDICULOUS RENT).
  • We don’t have rentals here; we’re a condo building (comes with smug look that says, “You don’t belong here because you’re not worthy of us”).
  • How much are you looking to pay… because the units in this building are very, very expensive (Okay, asshole, I probably make a boat load and a half more than you do, so no need to be such a presumptuous jerk). It’s amazing when the building’s residents are snooty; it’s even more amazingly stupid when the doormen are even more so.

More fun awaits.

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