Lingering question

I came back to see my hair stylist this evening after work to have some additional highlights done, and as she’s adding toner to my hair, she is gazing lovingly at my face (she always has this look of love on her face. I swear it’s true).

“I have something I’ve been wanting to ask you, but I don’t want you to get offended,” she began. “So I’m just going to ask you straight. Do you get lip injections, and if you do, can you refer me to the doctor who does it for you?”

I immediately started laughing and told her I had never had any lip-plumping injections in my life, that my lips are naturally like this. Yes, I wear lip gloss or lip balm, but that’s all I ever really do. I don’t use any of those fancy Sephora lip plumping products, nor do I take any of the crazy pills on the market that are supposed to fatten your lips.

“Your lips are naturally like that? Who do you get this from – your mom or your dad? And you’re Chinese? Chinese people have lips that are so plump and luscious LIKE YOURS?”

I guess so. 🙂

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