Emergency lights

Occasionally growing up, when we’d be on the road and would need to pull over for a firetruck or ambulance with flashing sirens, my dad would joke that it probably wasn’t an emergency, and they were just in a mad rush for their morning coffee or doughnut. Well, for the first time in my life today, I actually saw an ambulance with flashing sirens pass by me on Third Avenue today, run through a red light, and double park itself right in front of Crumbs, the ubiquitous cupcake chain in New York. As the driver of the ambulance got out, he gave a high-five to a guy standing in front who I’m assuming he knew. When the guy said, “You needed your sugar fix today?” He responded, “Yeah, I have to pick up some cupcakes!”

Got to love the abuse of power, along with the sugar craving. We’re all human, after all.

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