A few days ago, Chris’s brother Ben was Whatsapp messaging me about a speech he will be making for Toastmasters on introverts vs. extroverts. He asked me what I thought I was. My response? I suppose I’m somewhere in between, but if I had to slide myself on the scale, I’d probably say I’m more introverted. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean you are shy, are anti-social, or find being around people draining. It really just means that you enjoy thinking, crave alone time to think through thoughts and feelings, and actually feel energized when being alone.

I am certainly not shy or socially awkward. I love being around people, given that they are intelligent and not small-minded. 🙂 I love being the center of attention sometimes, but not all the time. I greatly enjoy being in small groups, but strongly dislike large groups, as I find them impersonal and at times even superficial. I loathe small talk and weather discussions and would prefer to chat about passions and ideas.

And as I look at my 2014 goals list and go to the Books section, I realize I’ve already managed to somehow finish reading seven books, and we’re only in the fourth month of the year. I suppose only an introvert could get through that many books in such a short amount of time.

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