Last year when I started my new job, I felt like a lot of my time was spent being idle, searching for things to do because my role wasn’t neatly defined. I spent time trying to look like I was busy when I was not. I felt guilty every now and then because it seemed like I was getting this nice paycheck twice a month for doing very little of anything.

Well, I’m never going to complain about being idle or not having enough to do again because those days are very distant now. I have so much to do all the time now that there are moments when I struggle for a few seconds to decide which to prioritize, task A or task B? When I am not at the office, I feel compelled to constantly check work e-mail on my phone or computer, and I get guilt pangs when I don’t respond right away. It’s funny how quickly life circumstances can change. This is what it’s like to be a workaholic New Yorker in tech.

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