Cooking friends

Even though I love cooking, I don’t meet many people who love to cook. I’m sure it’s partly a function of the fact that I live in New York City, which is restaurant/delivery central (and not to mention known for having the tiniest kitchens on earth), as well as the fact that New York is full of workaholic types who don’t want to have lives outside of work that would actually allow them the time to cook real meals. So I tend to get really excited when I meet someone who does share the desire and love to cook, and someone who doesn’t say something condescendingly moronic to me like, “Wow, you actually have time to cook?!” Yes, I am a real adult who can cook a homemade meal for herself and does not rely on the artificial additives and excess salt and MSG that fill your takeout meals, thank you very much.

I had dinner tonight with a former colleague friend of mine who recently bought his own apartment in Brooklyn, which has ample kitchen space. He’s begun cooking a number of ambitious things (coq au vin!) and is eager to experiment with other recipes. It makes me happy to hear about others learning how to cook and finding techniques they love and hate. It ┬ámakes me think there may be hope for the world. I need to find more people who enjoy cooking and can appreciate a homemade meal.

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