Chinese astrology

Today marks the new lunar year, the year of the horse. 新年快樂! I’ve already made taro cake (wu tou gao) in anticipation of the new year, and this weekend, I am planning to make nian gao, or New Year’s cake, to continue the celebration. There’s nothing better for Chinese New Year than enjoying all the traditional foods that my grandma used to make to ring in the new year.

I started reading about Chinese astrology and what is supposed to characterize each birth year, as well as love compatibility. I am an Ox (a lot of people mistakenly think I am a Tiger because of my birth year, but since I am a January baby, I am technically at the tail end of the year of the Ox on the lunar calendar). Chris is a Rooster, and as luck would have it, the Ox and the Rooster are actually a ‘strong match.’ We are supposed to have similar temperaments and values in life, as well as have complementary differences. According to the astrology site I was reading, the Rooster needs the “calm” that the Ox provides to have a harmonious home and love life. That’s definitely true of us.

I don’t normally care at all about “luck” or superstitions or astrology, but it is nice to read these things and see that there are forces out there that “approve” of my choices, and that the future looks auspicious for us together. It makes me smile.

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