Cooking hacks when you run out of bread crumbs: use flour and frozen cheese

While preparing my mise en place for my chicken tenders today, I realized that I didn’t make enough bread crumbs earlier in the week for these chicken tenders. That was annoying, but then I also realized that I didn’t have enough grated parmesan cheese, anyway, even if I really did have enough bread crumbs to triple the recipe. So instead, I breaded and baked as many chicken tenders as I could with my breadcrumb/herb/parmesan mixture, then created a workaround for my remaining chicken tenders: I coated the rest with egg, then tossed them around a mixture of seasoned flour, spices, and some shredded mozzarella that I had leftover in the freezer. Would these bake up the same as my chicken tenders with a proper breaded coating? No. But given that they were coated in shredded melty cheese and would be baked at the high temperature of 450 F, I figured they’d still turn out tasty.

Well, it looks like they all turned out well – the proper batch of chicken tenders and my hacked version. Chris even though the hacked version came out better and crispier. So maybe my kitchen skills haven’t totally fizzled during my sick time!

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