Pookie’s appetite is coming back

Although Kaia was already getting better by the time she had her doctor’s appointment a week and a half ago, her appetite took a while to come back. She still relied on her “safe,” comfort foods, so mostly carbs and milk, with a little bit of protein here and there. We weren’t sure when she’d start eating her usual voracious amounts again. She just finished her course of antibiotics for her ear infection yesterday, and this past weekend, she already seemed more curious about foods the way she normally is. So this morning for breakfast, she was absolutely ravenous: she ate some stir-fried gai lan, an entire piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter; a large portion of Peruvian style red beans and rice, two WHOLE pieces of Weetbix, served in 1/2 portions until I knew for sure she wanted more, and finally a handful of blueberries. And she still wanted to keep going! But we had to clean her up and get her ready for school for the day. So I promised her that I’d pack more blueberries for her to eat during morning snack time at school. It looks like she ended up eating almost all of them, along with her Cheerios, once she got there.

Pookie’s appetite is back. It makes me so happy to see my baby eat a lot, and a lot of variety. I think that’s what every parent wants for their growing toddler.

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