Packing with toddler, and no longer pumping

The last few times we packed for trips, it was quite the doozy. There was packing for the three of us, but then there were also things like packing all of Kaia’s bottles, bottle cleaning supplies; her diaper bag; diapers and wipes; my pump and pump parts in its own bag; a separate bag just to store breast milk. It was alway a little stressful, especially when I’d wonder if I’d forgotten something. In the end, I never did, but in general, the more there is to pack, and the more bags you have, the more stressful it can be.

This time is the first time since Kaia was born that I don’t have to worry about packing bottles, pump or pump parts, or a separate bag to store breast milk; I’m FREE of all of that! So while Chris initially suggested we check a bag, he also suggested that I first pack everything to see how much stuff we actually needed, then to see if the checked luggage was even necessary. Miraculously, I somehow got everything to fit into one carry-on roller bag, plus my backpack. But I am still getting a little paranoid, wondering if there is something I may have totally overlooked…? This is what happens to your brain when you are so used to having so many items and at least one checked bag every time you travel on a plane with a baby.

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