Trip research for this week

In the last week, I finally started doing some deeper research on what we should see and eat while in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The last few months have dragged a bit, so I didn’t have a lot of motivation to plan and research where to eat and what to see. I totally get why so many parents of young children just go to all-inclusive resorts: it takes all the thinking and planning out of a vacation, which can also be a source of stress in itself. And when you have a young baby or toddler, they tend to take up a lot of your energy and free time. It can be all consuming.

But we’re not really resort people, though, so while we will enjoy the amenities of a resort, the lounges, or the breakfast buffets, we tend to get bored staying at one place all day long. I don’t remember a time when I’ve ever just sat by a pool or at the beach and read… Except when I was at Santa Barbara’s Ritz Carlton for President’s Club, and that was because I was by myself, and I had no motivation to leave the resort unless it was a pre-arranged trip.

I’m looking forward to exploring Yucatecan cuisine, in addition to the local cuisine of Quintana Roo. Most people don’t realize that Mexican cuisine is quite complex and diverse, and it’s not just tacos and quesadillas in this country… though those are very delicious things.

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