Everything feels mundane

Ever since we have come back from Australia, I have been feeling like everything is just kind of mundane and uneventful. Nothing really seems that exciting or worth looking forward to. While the highlights of my day are seeing and spending time with Kaia, those moments only last so long until she has to go down for a nap, for sleep, or suddenly gets fussy while eating with her “toddler selectivity” phase that she’s in. Every day I hear news of more layoffs and more companies threatening to take away more jobs. Every day, another black man is getting needlessly and brutally killed by the police, a natural disaster is happening that is decimating populations, Kevin McCarthy is House Speaker. Work feels like the same thing every day with the same problems that I can’t seem to fix because they’re beyond me or even my company. Everything either feels “ugh” or like it just sucks. Even when there are things that I am supposed to look forward to, like lunch with a friend, a facial, an upcoming personal trip — it doesn’t make me feel as happy or as eager as I used to be. I feel bored and exhausted at the same time.

Hopefully this is just a temporary slump. It’s not like anything is actually wrong with my life; everything is really as good as it can be. I think I just need to reframe my attitude and the way I look at things… I think.

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