When baby led weaning really pays off

Kaia is just a few days shy of 14 months of age. She has about 7-8 teeth in the front, and in the last month, I’ve really noticed how adept she’s gotten at biting and tearing food, especially bread and vegetables. On Sunday, when I roasted brussel sprouts, I was cutting the sprout halves for her, assuming it would be easier to eat, but she rejected them. So I changed it up and instead just gave her whole halves. I figured she was advanced enough to handle this shape, even for the smaller sprouts, so why not try it now? And what did she do? She picked up a brussel sprout half, started pulling individual leaves and shoving them into her mouth. And when a sprout got to be about half the original size, she started tearing it with her front teeth to bite. I had this moment of pride just bursting out of my chest, and I felt so proud to watch my sweet baby developing her eating skills.

And well, that was tempered by her a couple meals later, when she decided she wanted nothing to do with the brussel sprouts. In the baby/toddler eating world, you win some, and ya lose some.

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