And after an afternoon in the playroom, a 104 F fever

When we go in for check-ups at the pediatrician’s office, one of the first questions they will ask when you sign in is if your baby is at home or at daycare. There’s clearly a different set of expectations for illnesses for babies in daycare vs. at home, and I think they just want to make sure to ask all the right follow-up questions. We’ve been lucky to have a good nanny and have Kaia at home; it’s kept endless illnesses at bay that we’re ignorant to, but have just heard of. Well, after an afternoon at the play room yesterday, today, after her mid-morning nap, Kaia woke up feeling quite warm and barely ate anything other than a few brussel sprout leaves and some blueberries. We went out to a bakery, and she seemed completely listless the entire time. We went home and took her temperature, and no surprise — she had a fever. It was 104 F.


So we gave her some Dymadon (Australian version of infant Tylenol. No high fructose corn syrup, wee!), and had her take a nap. In a couple hours, she was kind of back to herself and had some appetite. She drank plenty of fluids, and her temperature came down in a couple hours. And then she talked and moaned in her sleep all night long.

Babies are like walking illnesses when they are young, and especially when in daycare. Luckily for us, Kaia is a little trooper and handled her fever well.

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